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2014 CSA Expert Exchange Day 2

On March 6-7, 2014, Small Farm Central hosted our second CSA Expert Exchange, an online conference meant to connect CSA farmers with other experienced farmers sharing their specialized knowledge. While the first day of the conference focused on beginning farmers, the second day was more generalized knowledge fit for both new and experience CSA farmers.

There were five main sessions. The sessions for the day included:
- Karla Pankow of Bossy Acres discussing Social Media and Marketing
- Chris Brockel from CSA FairShare talking about building CSA Coalitions
- Rachel Armstrong from Farm Commons on Legal Tips for CSA Farmers
- Pam Dawling of Twin Oaks Community discussing Crop Planning for a CSA
- Michael Kilpatrick presenting on the varieties of Customizable CSA's

Introduction to Day Two of the 2014 CSA Expert Exhange - Simon Huntley from Simon Huntley on Vimeo.

Marketing and Social Media by Karla Pankow, Bossy Acres from Simon Huntley on Vimeo.

Building CSA Coalition by Chris Brockel, FairShare CSA Coalition from Simon Huntley on Vimeo.

Legal Issues for CSAs by Rachel Armstrong, Farm Commons from Simon Huntley on Vimeo.

Crop Planning for CSA by Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks Community from Simon Huntley on Vimeo.

Customizable CSA by Michael Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick Family Farm from Simon Huntley on Vimeo.

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